The Holiday One-Uppers

The One-Uppers are at it again!   Holiday Observer 1: We get so excited about the Christmas season that we put our tree up at the beginning of November! One-Upper: […]

Some Dumb Reviews

  Successful blogs usually review things. So, here we go.   BILLS What it is: You give your money away. My Thoughts: It seems that I have gotten some attention from various […]

The Snoot (Sneeze-Toot)

  I was sitting in a silent classroom in Mrs. Pollock’s first grade class while we were taking a test. My family had just moved to Roy, Utah and I […]

Cartoons of Words that My Kids Have Said Wrong

  My two sons James and William don’t know English very well yet. There are several well-known names they say incorrectly. ‘Buzz Lighthear’? Light-hear? Seriously, buddy? It’s embarrassing. I think […]

The One-Upper Parents

    Parent 1: “I don’t let my kids watch very much TV.” One-Upper Parent: “Well, in our home we have wisely removed the actual T’s and V’s from all of […]

A Post Mostly About Makeup

When I was in elementary school, I snuck into my mom’s makeup bag and found her mascara. I put some on and liked it a lot. My mom didn’t notice […]

One Time A Drunk Russian Kissed Me.

    So I was handing out flyers advertising free weekly English practice right outside of a metro station in St Petersburg, Russia. It was mid-April, yet still very cold […]