I Think These People Look Like These Things.



Have you ever seen any of the “Totally Looks Like” comparisons? Sure you have, because they’re brilliant. I love them, and have always thought the majority of them are hilarious. Since I can rarely come up with completely original ideas, I’m taking a cue from them and adding my own comparisons. I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I will. *toots* I’m kind of good at it. I just wish I could somehow get paid for this.

I’ll link my PayPal information at the bottom. Thanks so much for making this such a lucrative post.

FB_IMG_1462032439622The Russian mouse dad made a wish and became a real man. Then auditioned for Survivor.



Doesn’t Survivor contestant Keith resemble old sad cursed seaweed King Triton?!


curryWhich is the reigning NBA MVP? You tell me. I dare Riley to try to pick out her dad.


giadaTale as old as teeth…..



Ben looks like a potato.



scaryThis man from House Hunters was looking (and frankly acting like) The Thing from those dope Scary Story books.


thedonaldI have too many jokes to use for this. I can’t choose one, therefore, I will not use any. It would just be too easy.


aladdinThe Genie probably would’ve at least made it to The Jury. Pfffft.


aubreyppAubry should’ve won Survivor. Maybe she should console herself by auditioning for the next Pitch Perfect.


drnowI heard when Dr. Now is tired, he uses the dude on the right as a stand-in for surgery. He doesn’t do good work, though. He kinda just stands there while cracking bad puns and then goes, “Doh hohohohoho!”


farrahMaybe more plastic surgery is in order? 89th time’s a charm!


ronAir conditioners, animanted or not, are frivolous. Therefore, unnecessary.


hillaryIf Clinton’s comparison was the donkey, and Trump’s the elephant, then I’d really be onto something here.



My old Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books have really, really come in handy.


peppaPeppa Pig’s dad would look exactly like a pink hairdryer if the pink hairdryer had perma facial stubble and continually fell in mud puddles for no reason.


westbrookRuss is stoked that he’s been draining his 3-horns all night……..(wow, that was really grasping. I’m sorry.)


Photo_2016-04-21_03-07-57_PMHe’s got the gears, the tools, the uniforms, and the girl……..(if you know that line, award yourself 5 extra credit points.)


Photo_2015-10-21_09-16-41_PMWoo brought his family great honor on Survivor.
















jamessaraIf I ever want to know what I would’ve looked like as a man….I’ll just need to wait until my James grows up…………..


I appreciate you and you’re all special.

Love, Capa



  1. I laughed, I cried, my mind blew a little… thanks, O’CAPA (not a good comparison at all btw)!!!!


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