I’m Pioneerly a Blogging Expert

I am a pioneer. I’m basically the first person to ever start a blog. The first one. Here I am blazing the trails for other would-be bloggers (one who blogs. A little nickname I came up with. Double pioneer points awarded to me.) I can’t even believe how unique and original I am.

Hey, speaking of pioneers, what if they had been able to post on Facebook back then? I’ll bet their status updates would have been really good:



Sarah Elizabeth:    Butter churned- CHECK. 2 loads of laundry scrubbed in the creek- CHECK. Built a new wall in our cabin- CHECK. Kettle of stew already on the fire for supper- CHECK. 2 cougars shot for trying to eat our cow- CHECK. T’was a productive morn!


Emma Catherine:    The delivery of our child is upon us!! Number 11 on the way! I am going natural (since that’s the only option…) but I wanted you to know that I am doing an at-homestead river birth. I am well. I have not even had to bite on any pieces of bark yet.


Charles Joseph:    I am on my way to chop logs. My current record is 250 logs, but I am hoping to max out at 255 logs this afternoon. Yesterday was leg day. (I got a new leg yesterday.)


Laura Jane:    Young Josiah can already plow the field all by himself and he’s only 37 months. Proud ma over yonder!


Harriet Ann:   I drew 5 pictures from different angles of the freshly-made pie I just pulled from the oven. I posted them on the Town Hall wall if anyone is interested. You may trace one if you’d like to re-post in your own home.


William John:    Huzzah! I am in utter bewilderment that that just occurred!!


Mary Sue:   My neighbor gives her children honey, raspberries and melon to eat. I do not think that is right; that is quite the excess of sugar. I will be sure to inform everyone how I feel on the subject.






  1. WOW! This is awesome! This blog should have been started long ago, but I’m sure glad it’s finally a reality.
    I can tell this is going to be good!
    Love the Pioneer posts!


  2. Best. Blog. Ever. Which isn’t that surprising, since it’s the first blog ever, but still…


  3. I have been feeling as old as a pioneer waiting for you to blog your way to fame. I was not disappointed!!! You’re funny!


  4. Well well. Thank you for blazing the trail. I am so glad.


  5. Blog? Is that by any chance short for weblog? I don’t know for sure since this is the first. It’s amazing, btw.


  6. For the first time I wish I would have been a pioneer! You make it sound so enjoyable!


  7. Aaaah, Capa! Yessss. The world needs your sense of humor and radiating light. Brilliant.


  8. Loved it! I love your sense of humor! Way to go!


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